Optimize In-House Hospital Operations

with LINES from SAlubrity

Provide better care through increased transparency. Centralize procedural management, track outcomes, monitor staff and end manual data entry.

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Simplifying Vascular Procedural Management

Unlock the full potential of your mobile and in-house vascular access teams with our innovative management platform, LINES. Join us to see how your healthcare operations can become more efficient, less cumbersome, and significantly more effective.

Truly Efficient Procedure Management

LINES makes seamless procedure completion possible for every aspect of patient care and operational efficiency. From initial intake to final billing, our platform keeps orders on track and easily manageable.

Order Intake and Call Management

  • Capture service requests through various channels.
  • Track, create, and modify requests seamlessly.
  • Prioritize calls for optimal resource allocation.

Detailed Procedure Documentation

  • Preserve detailed procedure information comprehensively.
  • Track procedure history for informed decision-making.
  • Maintain a full patient procedure history for insights.

Billing and Financial Management

  • Ensure accurate invoicing and transparent financial processes.
  • Track invoice status for accountability.
  • Facilitate seamless payment acceptance.
  • Focus on stats and analytics.

Insightful Reporting for Targeted Improvement

Data unlocks hidden efficiency in your in-house vascular access team’s collaboration. Advanced reporting from LINES mines new insight from your data, amplifying the efficiency of your team, while supporting all aspects of operation and billing for smoother healthcare experiences.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Cover calls, procedures, clinicians, and inventory comprehensively.
  • Extract key insights through dashboards and queries.
  • Understand trends holistically for improvement.

Tailored Insights

  • Offer scenario-based analysis for specific situations.
  • Customize reports to address challenges effectively.
  • Capitalize on opportunities proactively.

Support for Billing Processes

  • Ensure accurate invoicing and financial transparency.
  • Facilitate seamless billing processes with detailed insights.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

  • Optimize resource allocation and patient care delivery.
  • Identify trends and make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

Increased Clinician Performance Through Improved Resource Management

Vascular access healthcare professionals need the support of LINES to provide the best care possible, from profiles with all information easily available, to more efficient scheduling.

Comprehensive Clinician Profiles:
  • Detail demographics, credentials, and status comprehensively.
  • Ensure qualifications are met for each practitioner.
Compliance Management:
  • Identify and uphold standards for regulatory compliance.
  • Ensure accountability and adherence to guidelines.
Training Programs:
  • Equip staff with knowledge and expertise for safe procedures.
  • Enhance overall patient care quality and clinician competency.
Improved Shift Scheduling:
  • Publish defined schedules for better organization.
  • Offer centralized assignment views for improved work-life balance.
Efficient Inventory Management:
  • Maintain adequate stock levels for seamless procedures.
  • Minimize disruptions and delays for better patient care.
  • Unmatched Transparency, Unrivaled Efficiency

Improved Patient Care with Open Communication

Bust through limits to fully effective collaboration between vascular access team members. LINES makes optimal teamwork second-nature, dispatching updates and optimizing coordination among healthcare professionals.

Direct and Group Messaging:

  • Foster teamwork and efficiency in healthcare services.
  • Make sure timely responses and informed decision-making.

Broadcast Announcements:

  • Communicate important updates promptly and consistently.
  • Contribute to a culture of transparency and accountability.

Optimizing Coordination:

  • Make sure everyone is on the same page for efficient workflows.
  • Empower clinicians to work together effectively

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Learn how LINES can optimize the workflow of your in-house healthcare professionals, enhance collaboration, and elevate patient care.

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